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Maileg Puppy Supply, Accessories - Blue

Maileg Puppy Supply, Accessories - Blue

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Maileg Puppy Supply, Accessories - Blue
Presenting Maileg Puppy Supply accessories - Blue: the perfect set for treating your furry friend with love! This package comes with a bone, collar and leash, all tucked away in a stylish metal suitcase featuring the iconic Maileg design.

This comprehensive Blue Puppy Supply collection provides the must-have items your plush pup requires for enjoyable playtime experiences. The set includes a bone for hours of chewing pleasure, plus a leash and collar for a stylish and secure outing look. All the essentials for your furry friend are provided in one single set.

This metal suitcase with its unique Maileg print is a stylish storage solution for the included accessories, keeping them organized and ready for transport. Possibilities for playtime or display are endless with this sophisticated piece.

Hand-Made with Character: At Maileg, we value the artistry of handcrafting. Each accessory in this set is meticulously hand-made or hand-finished, imbuing them with unique character and charm. No two toys are exactly the same, giving them a special quality that mass-produced plastic toys lack. Your plush dog will experience a one-of-a-kind playtime companion.

Our Maileg Puppy Supply Accessories - Blue set is expertly crafted to enhance your plush pup's playtime and maintenance. Careful attention to detail and stylish packaging make it the perfect selection for children and hobbyists alike. Maileg's designs add character and flair to your furry pal's special occasions.

SKU: 16-3923-01
Height: 2.75 in.
Width: 4.33 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: Surface wash
Filling: Polyester

*Puppy not included.

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