Collection: RIBBON SET™ Accessories

Introducing Knot + Spool's RIBBON SET™ Accessories – your key to enhancing and organizing your ribbon sets and wreaths. From stylish ornaments that make a statement to practical tools that keep your ribbons in check, our thoughtfully designed accessories bring beauty and order to your crafting.

Elevate with Ease: Upgrade your ribbon sets and wreaths effortlessly with our RIBBON SET™ Accessories. Add a touch of charm with stunning ornaments or keep your ribbons organized with our handy tools.

Organize in Style: No more tangled ribbons! Our Ribbon Organizer Clips ensure your ribbons stay neat and ready to use. Say goodbye to knots and hello to hassle-free crafting.

Timeless Ornaments: Infuse your projects with elegance using our Ornamental Elegance set. These meticulously crafted ornaments blend seamlessly with any theme, from holidays to everyday decor.

Crafted to Last: Quality matters. Our accessories are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring your creations remain beautiful and enduring, season after season.

Limitless Creativity: Let your imagination run wild. Mix, match, and experiment with our accessories to create personalized ribbon sets and wreaths that showcase your unique style.

Inspire and Gift: Share the joy of crafting with the gift of RIBBON SET™ Accessories. Perfect for fellow creatives, these accessories kindle inspiration and elevate their crafting journey.

Elevate, inspire, and organize with Knot + Spool's RIBBON SET™ Accessories. Transform your crafting into a masterpiece of style and order.