Collection: Maileg Deer

Meet the Enchanting Maileg Deer Family – A Miniature World of Whimsy and Wonder!

Introducing Maileg's latest addition to the family, the Maileg Deer. These charming deer figurines have trotted into our hearts, perfectly sized to join the ranks of our beloved Maileg Bunny and Rabbit dolls, fitting snugly into Mini-sized Maileg furniture. Please note that the Maileg Deer family is a tad too large for Mouse-sized furniture, but they bring their own magic to any miniature world.

Key Features:

  • Four Varieties: Our Maileg Deer family comes in four delightful varieties, comprising two parent deer and two adorable children. The best part? These deer figures are versatile, representing any gender, making them ideal for creating a mini version of your own beloved family.

  • Miniature Living: These charming deer figurines seamlessly blend into the world of Maileg, fitting perfectly into Gingerbread Houses and harmonizing beautifully with our micro furniture and mouse clothing. They are here to add a touch of magic to your imaginative play and decor.

  • Endearing Details: We can't help but fall in love with their furry tummies! These Maileg Deer are brimming with enchanting details that make them irresistibly adorable. From their dainty antlers to their fuzzy coats, they are a feast for the eyes and a delight to touch.

The Maileg Deer Family is more than just a set of figurines; they're storytellers, companions, and a charming addition to your Maileg collection. These enchanting creatures are ready to bring your miniature world to life, inspiring creativity and nurturing a love for imaginative play.

Step into a world of wonder with Maileg's Deer Family. Whether they're exploring a Gingerbread House, having tea parties in mini furniture, or simply adding a touch of whimsy to your decor, these deer figurines are sure to capture hearts and make every moment more magical. Embrace their furry tummies and create cherished memories with Maileg's Deer Family today.