Collection: Maileg | Bunnies & Rabbits

Leap into the heartwarming world of Maileg's 'Bunnies & Rabbits' Collection. Impeccably crafted with Danish attention to detail, each furry friend showcases both charm and character. Dressed in delicate fabrics and boasting personalities as varied as their sizes, these bunnies and rabbits are ready to hop into imaginative tales and cherished collections. Perfect for bunny enthusiasts of all ages, this range promises to deliver timeless joy and Scandinavian-inspired whimsy to any space.

At first glance, they might seem similar, but there's a distinction between the Maileg Rabbit and Maileg Bunny, mainly in their design:

  1. Ears: One of the main differences is in the ears. Maileg Bunnies typically have floppy ears, whereas Maileg Rabbits have straight, upright ears.

  2. Size and Collection: Over time, Maileg has produced various sizes and types of both bunnies and rabbits, which might be referred to with terms like "Micro", "Mini", "Medium", and so forth. It's essential to check the specific collection or series you are looking at because the sizes and designs can differ.

  3. Clothing and Accessories: While both bunnies and rabbits often come with or without clothing, the style of outfits may differ depending on the design series.

When shopping or collecting, always refer to product descriptions or consult directly with the seller or the Maileg brand to ensure you're getting the exact item you want.