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2023 Maileg Classic Rabbit with Knitted Shirts & Shorts - Size 4

2023 Maileg Classic Rabbit with Knitted Shirts & Shorts - Size 4

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Size 4

Discover the enchanting world of Maileg with the Classic Rabbit with Knitted Shirts and Shorts in Size 4. This beloved bunny from the classic bunny and rabbit collection is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a delightful playtime experience for all ages.

Made from soft and luxurious natural linen and cotton fabric, this rabbit offers a wonderful tactile sensation and a charming aesthetic. The combination of these materials gives the toy a unique hand feel and appearance, making it irresistible to touch and cuddle.

One of the standout features of Maileg toys is their versatility. With the option to purchase loose clothes separately, you can effortlessly expand the rabbit's wardrobe, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play. Dress your rabbit in different outfits, mix and match, and let the creativity flow.

What truly sets Maileg apart is their commitment to craftsmanship. Each toy in the collection is either hand-made or hand-finished, ensuring that no two toys are exactly alike. This personal touch gives the toys their own distinct character and charm, elevating them above mass-produced plastic toys that lack individuality.

The Size 4 rabbit stands at a height of 24.40 inches, making it the perfect companion for hugs, cuddles, and playtime adventures. Its knitted shirts and shorts add an extra layer of cuteness to its already lovable appearance, showcasing the attention to detail that Maileg is known for.

Designed to bring joy to children of all ages, the Maileg Classic Rabbit is suitable for everyone, from infants to adults. It is filled with a combination of recycled polyester and PE pellets, providing a soft and comforting feel.

When it's time for a refresh, caring for this precious companion is simple. Just wash it at 30 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the toy stays clean and ready for continued playtime enjoyment.

Embrace the world of Maileg and bring home the Classic Rabbit with Knitted Shirts and Shorts in Size 4. With its high-quality materials, endless wardrobe possibilities, and the charm of handcrafted uniqueness, this rabbit is sure to become a cherished friend for years to come. Let the magic of Maileg captivate your heart and imagination.

SKU: 16-3403-00
Size: Bunny/Rabbit 4
Height: 24.40 in.
Recommended age: All ages
Wash: 30 C

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