Collection: Maileg Size 2 Bunnies & Rabbits

Explore the enchanting world of Maileg's Size 2 Bunnies & Rabbits, where whimsy and wonder come to life in these lovable companions, each standing proudly at over 9 inches in height. Crafted with impeccable attention to detail and a touch of magic, these larger-than-life bunnies and rabbits promise to add a generous dose of enchantment to your playtime or collection.

Key Features:

1. Perfectly Proportioned: Maileg's Size 2 Bunnies & Rabbits are larger than life, measuring over 9 inches in height. Their size invites even more imaginative adventures and cuddles.

2. Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted with the finest materials, these bunnies and rabbits are not only irresistibly soft but also built to withstand the rigors of play and the passage of time.

3. Unique Personalities: Each bunny and rabbit in this collection boasts its own distinctive personality, attire, and charm, making them wonderful companions for storytelling and creative play.

4. Versatile Play: Whether you're reenacting classic tales, creating your own adventures, or simply seeking a cozy companion, these Size 2 Bunnies & Rabbits offer endless possibilities for imaginative play.

5. Collector's Delight: Beyond play, these bunnies and rabbits are cherished collectibles that can grace your shelves, dollhouses, or display cabinets, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to your collection.

6. Age-Appropriate: Suitable for children aged 3 and above, these larger-than-life creatures inspire imaginative play, storytelling, and a world of wonder.

Embark on a journey of imagination with Maileg's Size 2 Bunnies & Rabbits and let your creativity soar. Whether for play or display, these charming companions offer a world of warmth, comfort, and enchantment in every moment. Discover the joy of Maileg today and make these larger-than-life bunnies and rabbits an unforgettable part of your world.