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2024 Maileg Classic Bunny in Flower Dress | Size 2

2024 Maileg Classic Bunny in Flower Dress | Size 2

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Meet the 2024 Maileg Classic Bunny, now dressed in a beautiful flower dress. This Size 2 bunny is crafted from soft, natural fabrics, ensuring a lovely hand feel and charming look. Perfect for playtime and display, it fits seamlessly into the House of Miniature and all mini and miniature furniture.

Key Features

  • SKU: 16-4200-00
  • Size: Bunny Size 2
  • Height: 9.05 in.
  • Made from high-quality linen and cotton
  • Filled with recycled polyester and PP pellets
  • Recommended for all ages

Why You'll Love It

This Maileg Bunny, dressed in a classic flower dress, offers both style and comfort. The soft materials and adorable design make it a cherished addition to any Maileg collection. Expand the bunny's wardrobe with our extensive clothes collection for endless fun and creativity.

Care Instructions

For best results, wash your Maileg Bunny at 30°C. This gentle care ensures the bunny remains soft and maintains its quality.

Safety Information

Designed for all ages, this Maileg Bunny meets high safety standards. Made with care, it provides a safe and delightful play experience.

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