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2024 Maileg Mini Mint Plush Bunny

2024 Maileg Mini Mint Plush Bunny

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Meet Your Child's New Favorite Companion: The Maileg Mini Mint Plush Bunny

Introducing the Maileg Mini Mint Plush Bunny - a treasure for any child, designed to bring endless smiles and moments of joy. Perfectly sized for tiny hands, this plush bunny is not just a toy, but a lifelong companion.

Why You'll Love Our Mini Mint Bunny

  • Perfectly Sized: With a height of just 5.11 inches, it's the ideal companion for your little one to carry anywhere.
  • Soft & Cuddly: Made from the softest polyester, our Maileg bunny offers a comforting hand feel, making it a perfect snuggle buddy.
  • Eco-Friendly: Filled with recycled polyester and PE pellets, this bunny is not just kid-friendly but eco-conscious too.
  • Easy Care: Life gets messy, but your bunny's care is simple. Wash at 30 C to keep it fresh and clean.
  • A Toy for All: Recommended for all ages, this plush bunny makes a heartwarming gift for children and adults alike.

Experience the Magic of Maileg

The Maileg Mini Mint Plush Bunny is more than just a toy; it's a gateway to imaginative play and cherished memories. Its mint hue and sweet expression promise to light up any room and become a cherished part of childhood adventures.

SKU: 16-4991-01 | Size: Mini | Color: Mint | Material: Polyester | Filling: Recycled Polyester/PE Pellets | Wash Instructions: 30 C | Recommended Age: All Ages

Bring Home the Maileg Bunny Today

Don't wait to bring this bundle of joy into your life. The Maileg Mini Mint Plush Bunny is more than a toy; it's a companion for life, inspiring stories, dreams, and the comfort every child deserves. Order now and watch as your little one's eyes light up with joy.

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