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2022 Maileg Father Deer

2022 Maileg Father Deer

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Introducing the Maileg Father Deer, a heartwarming addition to the charming world of Maileg.

A Gentle Giant in the Gingerbread House:

Meet the sweet and adorable deer father who resides in the quaint Gingerbread house alongside the rest of the deer family. Towering above his kin, the deer father is the tallest in the family, making him the protector and provider of the cozy home.

Softness and Warmth:

What sets him apart is his exceptionally soft, furry belly, a source of comfort and warmth for all. His tail is just as fuzzy as the rest of the family's, inviting playful moments and cuddles. His antlers, crafted from gentle faux suede, add a touch of elegance to his endearing appearance.

Uniquely Handcrafted:

At Maileg, we take pride in the craftsmanship and individuality of each toy. Every Maileg creation is either hand-made or hand-finished, ensuring that no two toys are identical. This distinctive quality infuses our toys with character and charm that factory-made plastic toys simply cannot replicate.

The Perfect Playtime Companion:

With a towering height of 8.26 inches, the Maileg Father Deer is designed for endless playtime adventures. It's recommended for children aged 3 years and up, encouraging imaginative play, storytelling, and the nurturing of creativity.

Easy-Care and Durability:

Keeping this beloved deer looking its best is a breeze. Simply follow the provided washing instructions (30°C), and it will remain fresh and ready for more play. Crafted from a blend of cotton and linen, it boasts both a soft and inviting texture, as well as the durability needed to withstand hours of play.

The Maileg Father Deer is more than just a toy; he's a cherished friend that fosters creativity, companionship, and comfort. Whether your child is embarking on exciting adventures, hosting tea parties, or simply seeking a loving companion, the Father Deer is up for the task.

Bring home the magic of Maileg and let your child's imagination flourish with the Maileg Father Deer. Add it to your collection and watch as it becomes an integral part of your child's playtime, creating treasured memories and smiles along the way.

Item No.: 16-2931-00
Height: 8.26 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: 30C
Material: Cotton / Linen

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