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2021 Maileg Miniature Mint Toaster & Bread

2021 Maileg Miniature Mint Toaster & Bread

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2021 Maileg Miniature Mint Toaster & Bread: The Perfect Start to Your Mini Day

What's better than starting your miniature day with a delicious slice of toasted bread? The 2021 Maileg Miniature Mint Toaster & Bread is here to add a delightful touch to your miniature kitchen.

Product Details:

  • Item No.: 11-1108-02
  • Height: 1.77 inches
  • Width: 1.77 inches
  • Recommended Age: +3 Years
  • Wash: Surface wash
  • Material: Metal


1. A Tiny Toasting Treat: This miniature toaster and bread set is perfect for your Maileg mice or any other small figurines. Imagine them gathering around for a tiny breakfast ritual!

2. Hand-Assembled: Crafted with care, the toaster and bread set is hand-assembled. This means that each set may have slight variations, adding to its unique character.

3. Durable Metal Construction: Made from high-quality metal, this toaster set is built to last. It can withstand plenty of imaginative play and toasting adventures.

4. Imaginative Play: Encourage imaginative play in children as they pretend to prepare breakfast for their tiny friends. It's an excellent addition to dollhouses and miniature kitchen setups.

5. Easy to Maintain: Cleaning is a breeze with a simple surface wash. Your miniature toaster will be ready for the next pretend breakfast in no time.

6. Expand Your Miniature World: Maileg offers a wide range of miniature accessories and characters, allowing you to expand your collection and create enchanting miniature worlds.

Start the Day Right:

The 2021 Maileg Miniature Mint Toaster & Bread is the perfect addition to your miniature kitchen. Order now and let the toasting adventures begin in your tiny world!

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