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2021 Maileg Big Sister Mouse Beach Set

2021 Maileg Big Sister Mouse Beach Set

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Maileg Big Sister Mouse Beach Set: Sun, Sand, and Imagination

Embark on a seaside adventure with the Maileg Big Sister Mouse Beach Set. Perfectly crafted for your beloved Maileg big sister or big brother mice, this set promises endless fun under the sun. With its vibrant bathing suit, protective sunhat, and cozy towel, it's designed to inspire imaginative play and create memorable moments at the beach.

Beach Day Essentials

  • Stylish Bathing Suit: A colorful and fashionable swimsuit that fits your Maileg mouse perfectly, ready for a splash.
  • Charming Sunhat: A beautifully designed sunhat to shield your mouse from the sun, adding elegance to their beach attire.
  • Soft Towel: After a swim, wrap your mouse in a soft, luxurious towel, crafted from high-quality materials for comfort.

Durable and Delightful

Crafted with a blend of linen, cotton, and polyester, the Maileg Big Sister Mouse Beach Set is both durable and detailed, ensuring it withstands the test of time and enhances playtime with its realistic look. Suitable for children aged 3 years and above, it's a wonderful addition to any Maileg collection, fostering creativity and storytelling.

Product Details

SKU: 11-1304-00 | Size: Big sister/brother | Recommended Age: +3 Years | Wash: 30 C | Material: Linen / Cotton / Polyester

A World of Adventure Awaits

With the Maileg Big Sister Mouse Beach Set, your child's Maileg friends are ready for a day of beach fun. Build sandcastles, enjoy the waves, or relax in the sun - the possibilities for play are as vast as the ocean. Dive into the world of Maileg, where every accessory adds depth to your imaginative tales.

Please note: This set is sold separately and does not include the Maileg mouse character.

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