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2023 Maileg Baby Mouse Mint Stroller

2023 Maileg Baby Mouse Mint Stroller

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Introducing the Maileg Baby Mouse Mint Stroller, the perfect accessory for mouse families with more than one baby. This charming stroller is designed to transport two or three baby mice comfortably, making it an ideal addition to your Maileg collection.

Key Features:

  • SKU: 11-3107-00
  • Size: BABY MOUSE / MY
  • Height: 3.74 inches
  • Width: 3.34 inches
  • Recommended age: +3 Year
  • Wash: Surface wash

The Maileg Baby Mouse Mint Stroller is thoughtfully designed with versatility in mind. The seat can be positioned in both directions, allowing the babies to either face their parents or explore the world ahead. This feature adds an extra layer of realism and imaginative play possibilities.

Crafted with care, each Maileg toy is either hand-made or hand-finished, ensuring that no two toys are exactly alike. This attention to detail gives each toy its own unique character and charm, setting them apart from mass-produced plastic toys.

Whether you're a young child playing with your Maileg mice or a collector admiring the craftsmanship, the Maileg Baby Mouse Mint Stroller is a delightful addition to any Maileg world. Let your mice families travel in style and comfort with this adorable stroller, sparking endless moments of imaginative play and storytelling.

* Does not include Maileg Mouse
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