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2024 Maileg Mouse Mint Toaster

2024 Maileg Mouse Mint Toaster

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Maileg Mouse Mint Toaster

Start Your Day with a Spark of Imagination

Begin each morning on a whimsical note with the Maileg Mouse Mint Toaster, a charming addition to your child's breakfast routine. Expertly crafted by hand from durable metal and polyresin, this miniature toaster reflects the exceptional quality of Maileg furniture and toys, with each piece showcasing unique variations that embody the spirit of individual artistry.

Designed for Little Hands and Big Adventures

Not only a delightful plaything, but the Maileg Mouse Mint Toaster also serves as an enchanting decorative piece, enhancing any room with its quaint design and minty hue. Its compact dimensions (Height: 1.18 inches, Width: 1.4 inches, Depth: .8 inches) are perfectly scaled for your beloved Maileg mice and their furniture setups, inviting your child to engage in hours of imaginative play.

Safe and Stylish Play

Recommended for children aged 3 years and above, this Maileg toy toaster comes complete with 2 pcs of bread, ready to be 'toasted' to perfection in the world of make-believe. The smooth surface is easy to clean, ensuring that playtime is not only fun but also hygienic.

Key Features: Maileg Mouse Mint Toaster
Item No: 11-4109-00
Material: Metal/Polyresin
Care: Surface wash
Age: +3 Years

Bring a touch of magic to your child's daily routine with the Maileg Mouse Mint Toaster. It's not just a toy; it's a doorway to a world of wonder, encouraging creativity and storytelling. Order yours today and watch as your child's imagination takes flight!

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