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Midnight Black Coffee Filter Wreath

Midnight Black Coffee Filter Wreath

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Embrace the Darkness with Knot + Spool's Midnight Black Wreath

Indulge in the mysteries of the night with the Midnight Black Wreath, an enchanting creation from Knot + Spool's exclusive Fall Wreath Collection. This wreath, adorned in a deep and ghoulish black, encapsulates the essence of Halloween and beckons you to embrace the festive spirit of the season. As shadows lengthen and the moon rises, let this wreath become a symbol of the enchanting allure of Halloween.

Drenched in the darkest shades of midnight, the Midnight Black Wreath sets a hauntingly elegant tone that is a hallmark of the season. It captures the very essence of the night, making it a striking addition to your Halloween décor. With a bewitching aura, this wreath exudes an air of mystery and excitement, evoking the spirit of Halloween in all its glory.

As a pivotal piece of our latest Halloween collection, the Midnight Black Wreath extends a warm, enchanted welcome to all who approach your door. It beckons you to step into a realm where the ordinary takes on an otherworldly charm, creating an atmosphere of magic and wonder.

Infuse your own personal touch into this wreath, turning it into a canvas for your creativity. Add your choice of embellishments, ribbons, and accents to shape a unique style that sets the perfectly eerie tone throughout your Halloween festivities.

>Just like our meticulously crafted ribbon sets, each Midnight Black Wreath is meticulously hand-cut and uniquely tailored for every customer. While we strive for consistency, please be aware that minor variations in width and pattern may occur, adding to the distinctive character of your wreath.

Embracing the artistry of hand-dyed creations, the Midnight Black Wreath exhibits individuality in coloring that evolves in tandem with its environment. Placed outdoors or under sunlight, anticipate subtle color shifts that further enrich the wreath's mystique, aligning it with the ever-changing seasons.

Wreath Dimensions:

  • Large: 27“-28”
  • Medium: 21”-22”
  • Small: 17”-18”

Secure your slice of nocturnal elegance by placing your pre-sale order today. With limited quantities available, this opportunity to possess the Midnight Black Wreath is fleeting. Orders will commence shipping as early as September 5th, ensuring you're primed to adorn your space with the allure of the season. Elevate your Halloween décor with Knot + Spool's exceptional craftsmanship and embrace the mysterious charm of the night.

* This wreath should be used either indoors or outdoors under a protective roof covering. Exposure to natural elements like sunlight or humidity can cause the colors to fade. When placed outdoors in a protected location, it will last for one season; indoors, it can last for multiple years if handled carefully.

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