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Maileg Tooth Fairy Mouse in Matchbox - Blue 2022

Maileg Tooth Fairy Mouse in Matchbox - Blue 2022

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Maileg's Blue Tooth Fairy Mouse in Matchbox

The Maileg Tooth Fairy Mouse of 2022 offers imaginative play and superior craftsmanship. It comes in a tiny matchbox, complete with special fairy dust, making it an ideal gift for fairy tale fans of all ages. This charming friend boasts a shiny hat, sparkly backpack, tooth box, and matchbox for storage. Each Maileg toy is handcrafted or hand-finished, giving it unique character and charm - just like a real one-of-a-kind. At night, the Tooth Fairy sprinkles fairy dust, collects teeth, brings treats, and ensures sweet dreams.

Each Maileg toy is either handmade or hand-finished, resulting in a unique product that other toys cannot replicate. This variation gives the toys their own character and charm, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

SKU: 16-1739-02
Size: Big sister/ brother
Height: 6.29 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: 30 C
Material: Cotton / Polyester
Filling: Polyester/PE Pellets

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