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2022 Maileg Mouse Mum Clothes

2022 Maileg Mouse Mum Clothes

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Introducing the Maileg Mouse Mum Clothes, a stylish addition to the Maileg Spring 2023 Collection. This loose set of clothes is designed for a mouse in size mum/dad and is perfect for the fashionable working mum mouse who always wants to look her best.

Key Features:

Fashionable Wardrobe: This set includes a fashionable skirt, a stylish blouse, and a trendy bag with cheese holes, ensuring that the mouse mum is always dressed to impress.

High-Quality Materials: Maileg is known for its commitment to quality, and these clothes are no exception. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, they are designed to withstand hours of play while maintaining their charm.

Unique and Charming: Each Maileg toy is hand-made or hand-finished, making every set of mouse mum clothes unique. This attention to detail gives these clothes character and charm that sets them apart from mass-produced plastic toys.

Product Details:

  • SKU: 17-2304-02
  • Size: Mother/Father mouse
  • Height: 0.59 inches
  • Width: 3.54 inches
  • Recommended Age: +3 Years
  • Wash: 30°C
  • Material: Cotton / Polyester

Dress up your Maileg mouse mum in style with the Maileg Mouse Mum Clothes. Whether she's heading to work, going out for a fashionable lunch, or simply enjoying a day of play, these clothes are the perfect choice. Add a touch of charm to your Maileg collection with this delightful outfit. Order yours today and let the fashion show begin!

*Maileg Mouse is not included.

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