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2021 Maileg Micro Blue Cot Bed

2021 Maileg Micro Blue Cot Bed

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2021 Maileg Micro Blue Cot Bed

Introducing the 2021 Maileg Micro Blue Cot Bed - a delicate blend of whimsy and elegance designed especially for your Maileg micro-sized friends. Inspired by vintage designs and detailed with a contemporary touch, this cot bed promises a snug and comfy resting space for your little toys.

Product Highlights:

  • Vintage Appeal: Crafted in a soft shade of blue, the bed evokes feelings of nostalgia, perfectly capturing the old-world charm with a modern twist.

  • Supreme Comfort: Lined with plush cotton and cushioned with a polyester filling, it ensures that your micro friends experience the utmost comfort during their bedtime.

  • Exquisite Design: The metal framework provides stability and durability while adding an aesthetic touch. The intricacy of the design makes it a standout piece, whether it's placed in a dollhouse or used as a standalone toy.

  • Perfect Size for Play: With its micro size, this cot bed is specifically tailored for Maileg micro toys, ensuring they fit snugly and comfortably.

  • Easy Maintenance: Taking care of this cot bed is hassle-free. Simply give it a gentle surface wash to keep it clean and fresh for your micro friends.

Let your Maileg toys experience luxury and comfort with the 2021 Micro Blue Cot Bed. It's not just a bed; it's a statement piece that adds charm and elegance to any play setting.


  • SKU: 11-1118-01
  • Size: Micro
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.93 in. | Width: 6.29 in.
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for 3 years and up
  • Care Instructions: Gentle surface wash recommended
  • Materials: Premium quality metal and cotton, with a polyester filling

Elevate your Maileg collection with this beautifully crafted cot bed - where dreams are woven and stories come to life.

* Does not include Maileg Rabbit.


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