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2021 Maileg Dollhouse | Castle Hall

2021 Maileg Dollhouse | Castle Hall

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Explore Royal Splendor with the Maileg Castle Hall

Welcome to the grandeur of the Maileg Castle Hall, where every child's fairy tale comes to life. This magnificent addition to the Maileg castle series is designed to kindle noble narratives and regal role-plays.

Enchanting Features:

  • Elegant design, perfect for creating a grand palace for your Maileg friends.
  • Seamless connectivity with the Castle Kitchen and Castle with Mirror sets.
  • Spacious play area with dimensions of 9.84 inches in height and 11.41 inches in width.

Details for Endless Adventure:

  • SKU: 11-1202-00
  • Size: Suitable for Maileg Mouse characters
  • Age Recommendation: 3+ years, fostering cognitive development through play.
  • Material: Durable cardboard construction for a lightweight design.
  • Care: Easy to clean surfaces ensure lasting enjoyment.

Immerse your young ones in a world of imagination with the Maileg Castle Hall. Crafted to inspire noble tales, this castle hall is a canvas for creativity, ready to be filled with the stories and characters that spring from your child's mind.

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Grant your little ones the keys to a kingdom of fantasy.  Acquire the 2021 Maileg Castle Hall and watch as they preside over a realm of their own making.

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