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Candy Garland -Black and White - 72 Inches

Candy Garland -Black and White - 72 Inches

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Introducing our delightful Candy Garland, the perfect addition to your festive decorations for any occasion. This whimsical and cheery strand of strung felted balls, featuring a striking combination of black and white poms, is a versatile and charming accessory that will add a touch of fun to your decor.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Design: The Candy Garland features a playful combination of black and white poms, making it an ideal choice for Halloween decorations. However, its timeless black and white color scheme also allows it to blend seamlessly with any seasonal decor, ensuring year-round versatility.

  2. Whimsical and Cheery: Each felted ball on this garland exudes a whimsical and cheerful vibe that instantly lifts the spirits and adds a touch of festivity to any setting.

  3. Easy to Hang: The Candy Garland comes equipped with a loop on either end, making it effortless to hang on your mantle, along stair railings, or above doorways, instantly transforming your space into a celebration of color and fun.


  • Garland Length: 72 inches
  • Pom Size: 0.75 inches in diameter
  • Color: Black and White
  • Material: Felted Wool
  • Loop on both ends for easy hanging

Create Joyful Moments:

Whether you're decorating for Halloween, a birthday celebration, or simply adding a pop of whimsy to your everyday decor, the Candy Garland is designed to evoke smiles and create joyful moments. Its versatile color scheme ensures it's an excellent choice for various occasions and seasons.

Effortless Decorating:

Transform your living space effortlessly with the Candy Garland. Hang it along your fireplace, drape it across your dining table, or use it to frame your front door—this garland is your go-to choice for quick and delightful decorating.

Add a dash of whimsy, a sprinkle of cheer, and a whole lot of fun to your decor with our Candy Garland. Elevate your space and create memorable moments with this versatile and charming accessory today.

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