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2024 Maileg Mint Farmhouse Bag

2024 Maileg Mint Farmhouse Bag

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Discover the Charm of Maileg Mint Farmhouse Bag

Welcome the enchanting world of Maileg into your gift-giving traditions with our Mint Farmhouse Bag. Perfectly sized for small treasures, this paper bag is more than just gift wrapping; it's the beginning of a delightful story.

Imaginatively designed to resemble a cozy farmhouse, complete with a quaint door and welcoming window, this unique wrapping solution transforms every present into an invitation to a whimsical adventure. Its sturdy paper construction ensures that the joy inside is securely enveloped, ready to surprise and delight.

Key Features

  • Item Number: 30-4001-01
  • Dimensions: 8.26 in. (Height) x 5.51 in. (Width)
  • Material: Eco-friendly Paper
  • Design: Charming Farmhouse with Door and Window
  • Perfect for: Maileg gifts or any small treasures

Begin the Adventure Before Unwrapping

The Maileg Mint Farmhouse Bag is not just gift wrapping; it's a prelude to the magical story waiting to unfold. It sets the stage for the discovery, adding a layer of anticipation and excitement to the unboxing experience. Choose it to wrap your Maileg gifts, and watch the story start before the gift is even opened.

Embrace the charm and whimsy of Maileg with the Mint Farmhouse Bag—where every gift becomes a story waiting to be told. Shop Maileg Mice to add this delightful touch to your presents and watch the tales of joy unfold.

* Maileg Mouse is not included.

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