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2024 Maileg Micro Babysitter

2024 Maileg Micro Babysitter

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Introducing the Maileg Micro Babysitter: A Tiny World of Comfort

Transform bedtime stories into a magical reality with the Maileg Micro Babysitter. Designed to cradle your little one's favorite Maileg friends, this baby sitter merges the charm of Maileg toys with functionality, ensuring every micro bunny, rabbit, and Teddy Baby drifts into dreamland with ease.

Product Details

  • SKU: 11-4402-00
  • Size: Micro – Perfectly sized for Maileg Micro rabbits, bunnies, and Teddy Baby
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.54 in. | Width: 3.14 in.
  • Material: Durable metal base with a cozy fabric overlay

A Nest of Dreams for Your Miniature Friends

Every detail of the Maileg Micro Babysitter is crafted with love and precision. The sturdy metal base ensures stability, while the soft fabric cover offers a snug spot for your Maileg toys to rest. It's not just a piece of Maileg furniture; it's a promise of comfort and security for your miniature companions.

Why the Maileg Micro Babysitter?

This isn’t just any toy accessory. It’s a testament to Maileg's commitment to quality, creativity, and the little details that make big differences. By welcoming the Maileg Micro Babysitter into your home, you're opening a door to endless imaginative play and heartwarming moments.

Bring Home the Magic

While we await its return to stock, dream up the delightful scenes and stories that the Maileg Micro Babysitter will inspire. Mark your calendars for 04/15/2024, and prepare to enchant your little ones with a gift that keeps on giving, nurturing their imagination and love for the Maileg world.

* Maileg Bunnies are not included.

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