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2023 Maileg Size 3 Pixy

2023 Maileg Size 3 Pixy

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Introducing the 2023 Maileg Size 3 Pixy, a delightful collection featuring four distinct styles of charming Pixies dressed in exclusive Christmas-themed attire. These whimsical Pixies are designed to enhance your holiday decorations, infusing a touch of magic and whimsy into your festive displays.

Standing at an impressive 20 inches tall, each Pixy in this collection is sure to capture attention and create a festive atmosphere in your home. Their exquisite Christmas outfits make them ready to spread holiday cheer and joy wherever they are displayed.

The Maileg Size 3 Pixies serve as both standalone decorations and versatile elements in your Christmas decor. Mix and match them across different sizes and collections to craft unique and enchanting displays that embody the true spirit of the season.

Crafted with meticulous attention to quality, these Pixies are made from 100% COTTON with a 100% POLYESTER filling, ensuring both durability and comfort. To keep them looking fresh and vibrant, a gentle hand wash is all that's needed, allowing you to enjoy their charm for many holiday seasons to come.

Elevate your holiday decor with the 2023 Maileg Size 3 Pixy collection, adding a touch of festive enchantment to your space. These beautifully dressed Pixies are poised to infuse your home with the magic of Christmas. Order now and let the holiday festivities begin!


  • Item No.: 14-3430-00
  • Size: PIXY SIZE 3
  • Height: 20 inches
  • Wash: Hand wash
  • Material: 100% COTTON
  • Filling: 100% POLYESTER

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