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2022 Maileg Triplets Baby Mice in Matchbox

2022 Maileg Triplets Baby Mice in Matchbox

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Get ready for an adorable surprise with our Maileg Triplets - a delightful trio of baby mice tucked cozily inside their very own box! These little cuties will capture your heart with their charm and playfulness.

The set includes not two, but three baby mice, making it an extra special treat. During the day, they keep their mummy on her toes with their mischievous antics, and at night, they snuggle up together in their box for a peaceful sleep.

Dressed in charming stripes that complement each other, these baby mice are a picture of sweetness. They come cuddled together in blanketed pockets, making them even more endearing.

These Maileg Triplets are the perfect companions for children, fostering creativity, and imaginative play. With their delightful presence and charming outfits, they are sure to become treasured friends. Surprise your little ones with this enchanting trio and watch as they create endless magical adventures together!

Item No.: 17-2001-01
Size: Baby Mouse
Height: 3.54 in
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: 30C
Material: Cotton
Filling: Recycled polyester

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