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2021 Maileg Small Santa Wife

2021 Maileg Small Santa Wife

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Introducing the 2021 Maileg Small Santa Wife - A Heartwarming Addition to Your Holiday Decor!

Meet Santa's delightful spouse, the 2021 Maileg Small Santa Wife, and let her enchant your heart with her festive charm. Dressed in a beautifully knitted lambswool dress, she's the perfect companion to Santa, spreading the true spirit of Christmas in every home and shop window.

Product Details:

  • Item No.: 14-1483-00
  • Size: SMALL (SIZE 5)
  • Height: 33.07 inches
  • Recommended Age: For decoration purposes only
  • Material: Crafted with care from premium cotton
  • Filling: Features a combination of plush polyester and PE pellets for stability

Key Features:

  1. Festive Elegance: The Maileg Small Santa Wife dons a meticulously crafted, knitted lambswool dress that exudes holiday elegance. Her attention to detail and festive attire make her a must-have addition to your Christmas decor.

  2. Perfect Pair: Paired with Santa, she completes the iconic duo, bringing the warm and joyful Christmas atmosphere into your home or captivating shop window displays. Together, they embody the spirit of the season.

  3. Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with a commitment to quality, this Santa Wife is made from premium cotton and filled with a combination of plush polyester and PE pellets, ensuring both durability and stability.

  4. Versatile Decor: While she adds a touch of holiday magic to your decorations, please note that this delightful figurine is recommended for decoration purposes only. Display her on mantels, shelves, or tabletops to infuse your space with the enchantment of the season.

The 2021 Maileg Small Santa Wife is not just a decoration; she's a symbol of holiday joy and togetherness. Whether you place her alongside Santa or let her shine as a standalone piece, her presence will evoke the warm and welcoming spirit of Christmas in your home or storefront. Order yours today and embrace the timeless charm of Maileg!

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