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2022 Maileg Mouse Antracite Vintage Floor Lamp

2022 Maileg Mouse Antracite Vintage Floor Lamp

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 Introducing the 2022 Maileg Mouse Anthracite Vintage Floor Lamp, a captivating addition to Maileg's enchanting collection. This irresistible lamp, featuring a sophisticated anthracite color, is a must-have from the 2022 Collection. Illuminate your Maileg world with this charming vintage floor lamp that exudes both style and warmth.

The lamp emits a soft tone, creating a cozy atmosphere in any room. Remind your little ones to turn off the light when their Maileg friends go to bed, fostering a sense of responsibility and care. The lamp's battery is easily replaceable by an adult, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. This vintage floor lamp is the perfect addition to the Maileg Castle, creating an enchanting ambiance fit for the Mouse Family and Baby.

Each Maileg creation is a work of art, hand-made or hand-finished with meticulous attention to detail. Embrace the individuality of each lamp, as no two are exactly alike. This uniqueness adds character and charm that sets Maileg toys apart from mass-produced plastic counterparts.

Product Details:

  • Item No.: 11-2123-02
  • Height: 5.3 in
  • Width: 2 in
  • Recommended Age: +3 Years
  • Wash: Surface wash
  • Material: Metal / Cotton

Transform your Maileg world with the Anthracite Vintage Floor Lamp, where every detail is crafted with care to bring style and illumination to your imaginative play.

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