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2022 Maileg Mouse Rose Vintage Bed

2022 Maileg Mouse Rose Vintage Bed

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Maileg Mouse Rose Vintage Bed: A Slumber Haven in Miniature

Wrap your Maileg mouse in the luxury and comfort of the Maileg Mouse Rose Vintage Bed, a beautifully designed piece that promises sweet dreams and stylish rest. Perfectly capturing the essence of vintage elegance, this bed is a dreamy addition to any Maileg dollhouse or mouse collection.

Enchanting Features for Restful Nights

  • Elegant Design: Crafted with high-quality wood and adorned with rose-colored, Maileg-printed bed linen, this bed exudes charm and sophistication.
  • Cozy Comfort: The soft cotton and polyester linens ensure your Maileg mouse is snug and comfortable, enhancing the bedtime storytelling experience.
  • Perfect Fit: Measuring L = 7.5", W = 5", H = 4.5", it's the ideal size for Maileg mouse castles, providing a cozy retreat that fits seamlessly into your miniature world.
  • Quality Materials: Made from durable wood, cotton, and polyester, this bed is built to last, offering endless nights of peaceful slumber.

Product Specifications

SKU: 11-2118-00 | Dimensions: L = 7.5" x W = 5" x H = 4.5" | Recommended Age: +3 Years | Materials: Wood, Cotton, Polyester | Care Instructions: Surface wash

Create a Dreamy Bedroom Scene

The Maileg Mouse Rose Vintage Bed isn't just furniture; it's a portal to a world of imagination and gentle rest. Whether nestled in a Maileg dollhouse or part of a bespoke mouse setup, it brings warmth, style, and comfort to your Maileg family's life. Let your Maileg mouse retire in a bed that matches their adventurous spirit and your exquisite taste. Enhance your collection today and watch as your Maileg world becomes even more enchanting.

* Maileg Mouse is not included.
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