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2023 Maileg Big Sister Tricycle Mouse with Bag - Old Rose

2023 Maileg Big Sister Tricycle Mouse with Bag - Old Rose

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Step into the charming world of Maileg with the Big Sister Tricycle Mouse with Bag from the Spring 2023 Collection. This delightful mouse is dressed in her best school clothes, ready for a day of learning and adventure. Equipped with her stylish old rose colored backpack, she holds onto the tricycle handles tight for a fast and fun trip. Please note that the tricycle is not included; this listing is for the mouse and bag only.

Key Features:

  1. Spring 2023 Collection: The Big Sister Tricycle Mouse with Bag is part of Maileg's Spring 2023 Collection, featuring fresh designs and playful characters. Immerse yourself in the magic of this collection and create imaginative stories with your Maileg mice.

  2. Dressed for School: This Big Sister Mouse is dressed in her finest school clothes, ready to tackle a day of learning and fun. Her adorable outfit is designed with attention to detail, ensuring she stands out as a fashion-forward mouse.

  3. Stylish Old Rose Backpack: The mouse comes with a fashionable old rose colored backpack, perfect for carrying her school essentials. The bag adds a touch of realism and enhances imaginative play as children mimic real-life experiences.

  4. Interactive Play: The mouse has magnets in her hands, allowing her to securely hold onto the tricycle handles. This feature adds a dynamic element to playtime, as children can navigate their mouse around on a separate tricycle or create imaginary adventures with other toys.

  5. Hand-Made and Hand-Finished: Each Maileg toy is meticulously hand-made or hand-finished, ensuring that every piece is unique. This craftsmanship gives Maileg toys their own character and charm, setting them apart from mass-produced plastic toys.

Safety Information:

The Maileg Big Sister Tricycle Mouse with Bag is designed with safety in mind. However, please note that it contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision is recommended during playtime.

Discover Maileg's Delightful World:

Maileg's Big Sister Tricycle Mouse with Bag invites children to enter a world of imagination and play. Let your child's creativity soar as they embark on exciting adventures with this beautifully crafted mouse and her stylish backpack. Experience the magic of Maileg today and enjoy the hand-made quality that makes each toy truly special.

* Tricycle not included. Mouse Only.

SKU: 17-3207-00
Size: Big sister/ brother
Height: 5.11 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: 30 C
Material: Cotton / Polyester



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