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2023 Maileg Soft-Grey Christmas Stocking

2023 Maileg Soft-Grey Christmas Stocking

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Maileg Soft-Grey Christmas Stocking: A Festive Touch to Your Home Decor

Brighten up your holiday decor with the Maileg Soft-Grey Christmas Stocking, a delightful addition that infuses a warm Christmas atmosphere in any space. Measuring at a versatile 6.3 inches, this stocking doesn't just serve as an ornamental piece—it's practical too! Crafted with an intricate pattern and fashioned from 100% ACRYLIC, its soft-grey hue, complemented by vibrant red accents, ensures it's the perfect backdrop for those petite gifts, thoughtful notes, or holiday sweets. But why stop there? Unlock its full decorative potential by pairing it with a festive branch or a charming pixy for a whimsical touch.

Product Details:

  • SKU: 14-3620-02
  • Height: 6.3 in.
  • Wash Instructions: 30 C
  • Material: 100% ACRYLIC

Choose the Maileg Stocking collection at Knot + Spool for an authentic blend of style and tradition, making every Christmas memorable. Whether you're hanging it by the fireplace or using it as table decor, it's bound to catch the eye and heart of every beholder.

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