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2023 Maileg Puppy Harness

2023 Maileg Puppy Harness

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Introducing the 2023 Maileg Puppy Harness, a fashionable and functional addition to our Puppy Supply collection. This season, we've curated a range of must-have items to pamper your furry friend, and this cozy, velvety harness is designed to keep your pup safe and stylish during their walks.

Key Features:

1. Plush Dog Fit: The Maileg Puppy Harness is expertly crafted to fit your Plush Dogs comfortably and securely. With a snug fit, it ensures both safety and style during your pup's outdoor adventures.

2. Cozy Velvety Design: Crafted from soft and velvety polyester, this harness offers the ultimate in comfort for your furry friend. It's designed to keep your pup cozy while they strut their stuff.

3. Safety First: Safety is paramount, and this harness is designed with that in mind. Keep your pup secure on walks while maintaining their comfort, so you can both enjoy your time together.

4. Age-Appropriate: Suitable for children aged 3 and above, the Maileg Puppy Harness encourages nurturing play, responsible pet ownership, and the creation of lasting bonds between your child and their plush companion.

5. Easy Care: Cleaning is a breeze with this harness. Simply hand wash it when needed to keep it looking and feeling its best.

6. SKU for Easy Identification: Each harness is accompanied by a SKU for easy identification among your Maileg collection.

Treat your Plush Dogs to the comfort, safety, and style they deserve during their walks with the 2023 Maileg Puppy Harness. Make their outdoor adventures even more enjoyable and memorable. Discover the joy of Maileg today and ensure that every moment with your plush pup is both safe and stylish.

* Maileg Puppy not included.

SKU: 16-3924-00
Height: 1.5 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: Hand wash
Material: Polyester
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