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2022 Maileg Mouse Wooden Bed

2022 Maileg Mouse Wooden Bed

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Maileg Mouse Wooden Bed: A Dreamy Slumber Haven

SKU: 11-2003-00

Discover the Perfect Bed for Your Maileg Mouse

Introducing the Maileg Mouse Wooden Bed, a cozy haven designed to ensure your beloved Maileg mouse enjoys a restful night's sleep. This enchanting bed features meticulously crafted details and comes complete with exquisite Maileg printed bed linen, carefully chosen to complement the look.

A Charming Addition to Your Mouse Hole Farmhouse

Crafted from high-quality wood, cotton, and polyester materials, this beautiful piece is not just a bed; it's a statement of comfort and style. Whether placed in a Maileg castle or any miniature setting, this bed adds a touch of elegance and warmth to your mouse's abode.

Perfect Measurements for Mouse Castles

With dimensions of L = 7.5", W = 5", and H = 4.5", this Maileg Mouse Wooden Bed is perfectly sized for your tiny friends. Its design ensures a snug fit in mouse castles, making it an ideal choice for your miniature world.

Upgrade your Maileg collection and provide your mouse with the ultimate sleeping experience. Order the Maileg Mouse Wooden Bed today and let your little friend rest in style and comfort.

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