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2022 Maileg Mint Miniature Floor Lamp

2022 Maileg Mint Miniature Floor Lamp

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Step into a world of elegance and charm with the 2022 Maileg Mint Miniature Floor Lamp. A coveted addition to the Maileg collection, this lamp is a masterpiece that will illuminate your miniature realm with grace and style.

Experience the subtle enchantment as the soft glow of the Maileg Miniature Floor Lamp bathes your room in a soothing ambiance. Crafted to perfection, this lamp creates an atmosphere of tranquility and wonder, making it a must-have for every discerning miniaturist.

Designed to perfectly complement the HOUSE OF MINIATURE Dollhouse, this lamp stands at a height of 8.07 inches and boasts a width of 2.75 inches. Its delicate proportions make it an ideal focal point, adding a touch of sophistication to your miniature interiors.

While the lamp casts a mesmerizing light, remember to nurture a sense of responsibility in your miniature world. As the night falls, remind your tiny friends to turn off the lamp, ensuring their restful slumber in the gentle afterglow of its radiance.

Meticulously constructed from a harmonious blend of high-quality metal and soft cotton, the 2022 Maileg Mint Miniature Floor Lamp encapsulates durability and aesthetic appeal. The surface wash feature ensures effortless maintenance, preserving the lamp's pristine beauty for endless mini adventures.

Suitable for ages +3 and up, this lamp is not just an exquisite decor piece but also a catalyst for imaginative play. Witness the magic unfold as young minds weave stories around this captivating lamp, seamlessly integrating it into their miniature narratives.

Elevate your miniature world with the allure of the 2022 Maileg Mint Miniature Floor Lamp - a testament to superior craftsmanship, a beacon of serene illumination, and an invitation to boundless creative exploration. Make it yours today and bask in the captivating glow it graciously imparts.

SKU: 11-2122-02
Size: HOUSE OF MINIATURE (Dollhouse)
Height: 8.07 in.
Width: 2.75 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: Surface wash
Material: Metal / Cotton

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