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2023 Maileg Mouse Happy Camper Tent

2023 Maileg Mouse Happy Camper Tent

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Maileg Mouse Happy Camper Tent: Where Tiny Adventures Begin

Introducing the 2023 Maileg Happy Camper Tent, Mouse - the ultimate cozy retreat for your Maileg mice explorers. This beautifully crafted tent is designed to offer comfort during the chill of night and protection during sunny days, making every miniature camping adventure unforgettable.

Features That Inspire Endless Play

  • Cozy Campsite Comfort: Equipped with a padded bottom and a plush blanket for snug nights under the stars.
  • Versatile Sunshade Awning: Provides necessary shade during day and transforms into an intimate space by night.
  • Imaginative Adventures: A canvas for creativity, this tent allows your Maileg mice to embark on outdoor escapades, fostering endless storytelling.

Product Specifications

SKU: 11-3401-00 | Size: Mouse | Dimensions: H 7.08" x W 9.05" | Recommended Age: 3+ years | Care: Surface wash | Material: Cotton, PU, Rayon | Filling: Polyester

Cultivate Creativity with Maileg

The Maileg Mouse Happy Camper Tent is not just a toy; it's an invitation to imaginative play and outdoor storytelling. Designed for those who cherish 'Maileg mouse' and 'Maileg furniture,' it elevates your Maileg world, providing a picturesque backdrop for adventures. Note: Mice not included, available separately.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and give your Maileg mice the joy of camping with this handcrafted tent. It's a unique addition that stands out for its charm and functionality, promising memorable playtimes and happy camping experiences.

* Maileg mice are not included.
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