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2023 Maileg Stuffed Animal | Plush Dog

2023 Maileg Stuffed Animal | Plush Dog

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Maileg Plush Dog: Your Timeless Furry Companion

Embrace the joy of adding a heartwarming member to your family with the Maileg Plush Dog. This exquisite plush dog marries vintage elegance with modern craftsmanship, creating a cuddly companion that appeals to dog lovers of all ages. Designed with Maileg's signature attention to detail, it embodies the spirit of cherished pets and timeless play.

Key Features

  • Vintage-Inspired Design: Showcasing exclusive materials for a classic look, making it a stylish addition to any collection.
  • Exceptional Softness: Made from high-quality cotton and viscose, offering a soft, comforting embrace.
  • Universal Charm: A perfect pick for children and adults alike, this plush dog promises to be a lifelong friend.
  • Easy Care: Hand-washable at 30°C to keep it looking as pristine as ever.
  • Eco-Friendly: Filled with recycled polyester and PE pellets, highlighting Maileg's dedication to sustainability.

Product Specifications

SKU: 16-3920-00 | Height: 11.81 inches | Age Recommendation: All ages | Care: Hand wash at 30°C | Material: Cotton, Viscose

Discover the Maileg Magic

Whether fulfilling a dream of pet ownership or expanding your 'Maileg stuffed animals' collection, the Maileg Plush Dog is ready to offer endless cuddles and create heartwarming memories. Accompanied by a selection of Maileg accessories, your plush dog will not only be a friend but also a delightful playtime partner. Add this charming Maileg Dog to your home today and experience the comforting embrace of a new best friend.

* Maileg Dog Basket is not included.

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