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Maileg Stuffed Animal | Corduroy Bunny | Size 4

Maileg Stuffed Animal | Corduroy Bunny | Size 4

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Introducing Maileg's Size 4 Corduroy Bunny – a cuddly companion from Maileg's Fall/Winter 22 Collection.

This charming bunny is crafted from soft corduroy fabric, designed to give it a delightful vintage appearance. What sets each bunny apart is the unique vintage look achieved through a special treatment process, ensuring that no two bunnies are alike.

Maileg takes pride in the handcrafted and hand-finished nature of each toy. This individuality infuses our toys with character and charm that simply cannot be replicated by mass-produced plastic counterparts.

SKU: 16-2401-00
Size: Bunny/Rabbit 4
Height: Approximately 20.47 inches
Recommended age: Suitable for all ages
Care Instructions: Hand wash at 30°C for gentle cleaning
Material: Crafted from high-quality cotton
Filling: Stuffed with recycled polyester and PE pellets

Add a touch of timeless charm to your collection with Maileg's Size 4 Corduroy Bunny. Perfect for children of all ages and collectors alike, this bunny brings a unique blend of vintage appeal and lasting quality. Embrace its individuality and create cherished memories with this delightful stuffed animal.

Bring home the Maileg Corduroy Bunny today and experience the magic of a one-of-a-kind friend!

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