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2021 Maileg Blue & Shorts for Teddy Junior

2021 Maileg Blue & Shorts for Teddy Junior

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Introducing the 2021 Maileg Blue Sweater & Shorts set, a beautiful ensemble designed specifically for Teddy Junior. This set of clothes is the perfect addition to your little friend's wardrobe, offering both style and comfort for their imaginative playtime.

Tailored to fit Teddy Junior perfectly, this set includes a pair of pants and a soft knitted sweater. The pants are made from a blend of cotton and linen, offering a lightweight and breathable feel, while the knitted sweater adds a touch of coziness and warmth.

With a height of 1.5 cm and a width of 9 cm, this set is meticulously crafted to suit Teddy Junior's size, allowing for easy dressing and undressing during playtime. It's the ideal choice for children aged 3 years and above, inspiring creative storytelling and nurturing a sense of companionship with their furry friend.

The 2021 Maileg Blue Sweater & Shorts set features a beautiful blue color that adds a touch of charm and style to Teddy Junior's attire. The soft knitted sweater provides a snug fit and showcases intricate details, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

To keep the set clean and fresh, simply wash it at 30°C. This easy-care feature ensures that Teddy Junior can accompany your child on numerous adventures, without compromising on hygiene or quality.

The Maileg Blue Sweater & Shorts set is more than just a fashionable outfit; it encourages imaginative play and nurtures a sense of creativity. Your child can create delightful stories and embark on imaginative journeys with their beloved Teddy Junior, building lasting memories along the way.

Embrace the world of Maileg and let your child's imagination soar with the 2021 Maileg Blue Sweater & Shorts set. Watch as they engage in hours of play, dressing up Teddy Junior in style and bringing their imaginative tales to life.

Item No.: 16-1822-00
Size: Teddy Junior
Height: 1.5 cm
Width: 9 cm
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: 30‚àûC
Material: Cotton / Linen
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