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Red & Emerald Glitter Christmas Banner

Red & Emerald Glitter Christmas Banner

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Color: Red, Emerald, White
Dimensions: 15"L x 6.25"H

Elevate your holiday decor with our Glitter Christmas Banner, a sophisticated and eye-catching addition to your festive decorations. This elegant banner features flowing script lettering and a unique wavy design, all adorned with sparkling glitter that catches the light beautifully. Available in a classic holiday color palette of red, emerald, and white, it's sure to bring a refined and cheerful touch to your home.


  • Elegant Script Design: The lovely script adds a touch of class and festivity to any space.
  • Sparkling Glitter Detail: The glitter embellishments create a dazzling effect, perfect for the holiday season.
  • Versatile Display Options: Ideal for hanging around the Christmas tree, above the mantle, or as a charming backdrop in the dining room.
  • Festive Colors: The combination of red, emerald, and white colors perfectly complements traditional holiday decor.
  • Ideal Size: Measuring 15 inches in length and 6.25 inches in height, it’s perfectly proportioned for various display settings.

This Glitter Christmas Banner is the perfect way to add a touch of seasonal elegance to your home, creating a festive and inviting atmosphere for your holiday gatherings and celebrations!

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