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Flag Coffee Filter Wreath

Flag Coffee Filter Wreath

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Introducing the highly anticipated Flag Wreaths – a limited edition masterpiece crafted exclusively for true patriots like you! Get ready to be the envy of your neighborhood with this iconic symbol of American pride. But here's the catch – these Flag Wreaths are available for order.

Celebrate with Patriotism and Style: Introducing the Flag Wreath for the 4th of July

Celebrate patriotism in style with our Flag Wreath! Made from durable coffee filters and sewn in the iconic colors of the American flag, this stunning piece will make a captivating centerpiece in any home. Show off your pride for your country and create an eye-catching display of festive flair this 4th of July.

Symbolize Your Pride: The Flag Wreath expertly displays American pride. Its carefully chosen red, white, and blue coffee filters form a powerful representation of the iconic stars and stripes, creating a sense of patriotism and celebration. Hang it prominently on the front door, above the fireplace, or in any other visible location to proudly show your commitment to the country of freedom and courage.

Crafted with Care: Our Flag Wreaths are a refined and dignified way to show patriotism. Meticulously crafted with expert hands, each one is composed of premium materials and artfully arranged to produce a visually striking homage to the American flag.

Festive Versatility: The Flag Wreath is more than ornamental—it's a representation of patriotism. Its stunning palette and meaningful design can enhance any space, from entryways to outdoor areas. Adorn your door for a patriotic impression, use it as a decoration for your porch, or employ it as the ideal backdrop for your festivities. This wreath is the perfect way to inject a vibrant, symbolically charged tone into any environment.

Celebrate with Creativity: The Flag Wreath is a customizable backdrop to show your patriotism. Add decorative touches such as miniature flags, bows, or lights to enhance the festive atmosphere. Unleash your creativity to add your own unique flair to the wreath and express your love for your country.

Spread the Joy of Patriotism: Searching for a sentimental and considerate present for a devoted patriot? The Flag Wreath is an ideal selection. Amaze your relatives, pals, or neighbors with this emblematical representation of harmony and liberty. It's an affectionate way to show gratitude for their love of nation and to experience the delight of celebrating the 4th of July.

Display your patriotism while honoring the stars and stripes with the Flag Wreath from Knot + Spool. This wreath provides a stunning display of pride for the 4th of July. Create a festive atmosphere that celebrates independence and freedom with this remarkable decoration. Make a bold statement and embrace the spirit of democracy with this patriotic pride wreath.

Wreath Dimensions:
Large: 27“-28”
Medium: 21”-22”
Small: 17”-18”

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