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2024 Maileg Small Creme-Peach Plush Bunny

2024 Maileg Small Creme-Peach Plush Bunny

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Embrace Softness with Maileg Small Creme-Peach Plush Bunny

Introducing the Maileg Small Creme-Peach Plush Bunny, a bundle of joy and softness that is destined to become your little one's cherished companion. With its unique creme-peach plush fabric, this Maileg bunny combines the timeless charm of Maileg stuffed animals with a modern twist, ensuring it stands out as a special friend.

Why You'll Love Our Plush Bunny

  • Unmatched Softness: Crafted from the softest polyester, designed for cuddles and comfort.
  • Adorable Design: Featuring a sweet look with its soothing creme-peach color, it's love at first sight.
  • Perfect Size: At 10.62 inches tall, it's the ideal companion for adventures and snuggles.
  • Easy Care: Washable at 30°C, this bunny stays fresh and clean, ready for all the moments shared.
  • For All Ages: Recommended for children of all ages, it's a gift that grows with them.

Product Details

SKU: 16-4990-00 | Size: Small | Height: 10.62 in. | Material: Polyester | Care: Soft Toy: 30 C | Recommended Age: All Ages

Your Forever Friend Awaits

The Maileg Small Creme-Peach Plush Bunny is not just a toy; it's a companion through all of life's moments. Whether it's a comforting friend during nap times or a loyal adventurer during play, this bunny promises endless memories and joy. Bring home this Maileg treasure and watch the bond between your child and their new bunny friend flourish.

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