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2024 Maileg Mouse Table & Stool Set

2024 Maileg Mouse Table & Stool Set

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Bring Home the Craftsmanship of Maileg Mouse Table & Stool Set

Transform your child’s playtime with the Maileg Mouse Table & Stool Set, where every piece is a testament to imaginative storytelling. Inspired by the quaint charm of buttons, this set blends seamlessly with other Maileg furniture, creating a cozy nook for the beloved mouse family.

Why This Set Is Special:

  • Perfectly Scaled for the Maileg mouse series.
  • Artisan Design reflects the beauty of simplicity.
  • Mix and Match with other Maileg furniture.
  • Quality Crafted from durable wood.
  • Worry-Free Play with surface-washable materials.
  • Inclusive Fun for children aged 3 and up.

Enrich Playtime Narratives

Not just a "Maileg sale" item, but a gateway to endless adventures. This set isn't merely furniture; it's a backdrop for creativity and a canvas for your child’s imagination.

Details for Delight:

SKU: 11-4000-00

Dimensions: Height & Width at 1.96 inches each

Care: Gentle surface wash to refresh its look

Material: Solid wood for a touch of nature's best

Embrace the charm of the Maileg Mouse Table & Stool Set and watch as your little ones craft their own stories in a mouse-sized world. Add this treasure to your cart today and let the magical tales unfold!

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