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2024 Maileg Little Brother Mouse in Matchbox

2024 Maileg Little Brother Mouse in Matchbox

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Discover the Wonder with Maileg Little Brother Mouse!

Adventure awaits with the Maileg Little Brother Mouse, a timeless classic designed to spark joy and ignite the imagination. Tucked inside his snug matchbox bed, he's the hero of countless stories yet to be told.

Delightful Details:

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Dressed in soft, beautifully patterned clothes for every adventure.
  • Matchbox Bed: His own little haven for rest after a day full of discovery.
  • Size That Charms: At 4.33 inches, he’s the perfect partner for your child’s playful quests.
  • Washable Companion: Easy cleaning at 30°C ensures he’s always ready for play.
  • Collectible Fun: Expand his world with Maileg accessories for endless storytelling.

A Playful Heart, A Cherished Memory

This isn't just a "Maileg sale"; it's an investment in play, learning, and memories. Ideal for children aged 3 and up, the Little Brother Mouse in Box is more than a toy—it's a companion for life's little moments.

Sustainable Smiles

With a commitment to sustainability, each Maileg mouse is a friend to both your child and the earth.

Invite Joy into Your Home

Welcome the Little Brother Mouse into your family and watch as he becomes a beloved fixture in your child’s day-to-day adventures.

Quick Look:

  • SKU: 17-4101-00
  • Care: Gentle wash for longevity
  • Material: Soft and safe for young ones

The Maileg Little Brother Mouse in Matchbox is ready to be part of your story. Add him to your cart and let the magical journey begin!

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