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2024 Maileg Chocolate Brown Bunny

2024 Maileg Chocolate Brown Bunny

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Discover the Charm of Maileg Chocolate Brown Bunny

Welcome to a world of imagination and gentle play. The Maileg Chocolate Brown Bunny is more than just a toy; it's a companion for all ages. Crafted from a cozy blend of linen and cotton, this bunny is designed to bring warmth and joy to your home. Its charming design, complete with a delicate bow around the neck, makes it a perfect gift or a cherished keepsake.

Why Choose Maileg Chocolate Brown Bunny?

  • SKU: 16-4900-00 - Easy reference for quick reordering.
  • Height: 8.26 in - The perfect size for cuddles and decor.
  • Wash Instructions: Soft toy washable at 30 C - Ensuring your bunny stays fresh and clean.
  • Materials: Linen/Cotton - For a soft, durable finish that’s kind to the skin.
  • Filling: Recycled Polyester/PP Pellets - Sustainable and safe for all ages.
  • Recommended Age: All ages - A timeless friend for anyone, from newborns to adults.
  • Innovative design with magnets in the hands - Perfect for holding small metal accessories and encouraging imaginative play.

Whether it's a special gift or a treat for yourself, the Maileg Bunny offers not just a toy, but a gateway to creating endless memories. Its unique feature of magnets in the hands opens up a world of interactive play, making it stand out from other Maileg Toys. Plus, its sustainable materials and easy care instructions support a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Embrace a World of Imagination

The Maileg Chocolate Brown Bunny isn't just another stuffed animal. It's a companion that promotes creativity, storytelling, and emotional comfort. With its soft, huggable body and friendly appearance, it's ready to become a beloved part of your family's daily life. Invite the magic of Maileg into your home and watch as the Chocolate Brown Bunny becomes a treasured member of your family.

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