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2023 Maileg Medium Earth-Grey Plush Bunny

2023 Maileg Medium Earth-Grey Plush Bunny

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Maileg Medium Earth-Grey Plush Bunny: Every Child's Dream Plush Companion

Seeking the quintessential cuddly buddy? Enter the Maileg Medium Earth-Grey Plush Bunny, an embodiment of plush perfection for every child's collection. Celebrated for its unparalleled softness and heartwarming appeal, this bunny is a testament to Maileg's enduring legacy of superior craftsmanship.

Product Highlights:

  • Unmatched Softness: Indulge in countless hours of snuggling and imaginative play with this incredibly soft plush bunny, ensuring a memorable and cozy playtime.

  • Maileg's Craftsmanship: The Maileg Medium Earth-Grey Plush Bunny is a true representation of impeccable toy artistry, encapsulating Maileg's commitment to excellence.

  • Danish Design: Infused with the distinctive and internationally cherished design philosophy of Denmark, it enthralls both young minds and the young at heart.

  • Premium Materials: Skillfully crafted from the finest Polyester, it's further accentuated with a plush filling of Recycled Polyester and PE Pellets, offering a sumptuous tactile experience.

  • Perfect Dimensions: Standing tall at 13.39", it strikes the perfect balance for imaginative adventures and serene bedtime stories.

  • Safety First: Crafted with love and care, this plush bunny promises to be a safe and cherished companion for enthusiasts of all ages.

Care Instructions: To ensure your Maileg Medium Earth-Grey Plush Bunny remains in pristine condition, we recommend a gentle hand wash or a machine wash on a soft cycle using cold water. Let it air dry to retain its plush charisma.

Additional Information:

  • SKU: 16-3991-01
  • Height: 13.39 in.
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for all ages
  • Wash Temperature: 30 C
  • Main Materials: Polyester
  • Filling: Comprised of Recycled polyester and PE Pellets

For those with a discerning eye for top-tier plush companions, the Maileg Medium Earth-Grey Plush Bunny stands as a beacon of comfort, craftsmanship, and unparalleled design. Secure this timeless treasure today!

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