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2023 Maileg Coral Big Sister Princess Mouse

2023 Maileg Coral Big Sister Princess Mouse

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Meet the Maileg Coral Big Sister Princess Mouse: A Royal Delight!

Elevate your playtime to regal heights with our Maileg Coral Big Sister Princess Mouse. This enchanting mouse is not just a toy; she's a true princess in every sense. Dressed in her finest tulle dress adorned with exquisite details and crowned with gold, she's ready to rule your imaginative kingdom. With a height of 5.12 inches, she's the perfect size for big sister role-play and royal adventures.

Key Features:

  • Majestic Princess: With her stunning tulle dress and golden crown, this mouse exudes elegance and charm. Your little one will be delighted to make her a part of their imaginative tales.
  • Perfect Castle Companion: Designed to fit perfectly into the Maileg castle, this princess mouse is ready to rule and decorate her royal domain.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality cotton and filled with recycled polyester/PP pellets, this princess mouse is as soft and huggable as she is regal.

SKU: 17-3204-00
Size: Big sister/ brother
Height: 5.12 inches
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Care Instructions: Keep her royal attire looking pristine with a gentle wash at 30°C.
Material: Made from premium cotton for a luxurious feel.

Bring the magic of royalty to your child's playtime with the Maileg Coral Big Sister Princess Mouse. Whether she's ruling a castle, attending a grand ball, or embarking on epic adventures, this mouse is sure to become a cherished companion. Order yours today and let the kingdom of imagination flourish!

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