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2023 Maileg Chinos Green Basket

2023 Maileg Chinos Green Basket

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Introducing the 2023 Maileg Chinos Green Basket – a whimsical addition to our cherished Childhood Collection. This vibrant and plush basket is thoughtfully crafted to offer the ideal storage solution for your playroom, ensuring that toys and essentials are elegantly organized.

Bid farewell to the chaos and usher in an era of neatness and order! This basket boasts an innovative design that allows you to effortlessly conceal the mess. A simple closure magically banishes all clutter, leaving you with a pristine and inviting space for boundless play and creativity.

Our basket is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, constructed from a blend of premium materials including cotton, linen, and ramie. The outcome is a basket that's soft to the touch yet robust enough to endure the rigors of daily play. Its sturdy build ensures its endurance, making it a steadfast storage solution for years to come.

Elevate the organization of your playroom with the Maileg Chinos Green Basket. Revel in the pleasure of a clutter-free environment while adding a touch of flair to your interior decor. Unlock limitless possibilities for imaginative play and seamlessly incorporate this basket with other Maileg products for an enchanting playroom experience that knows no bounds. 

Product Details:

  • SKU: 19-3531-00
  • Size: Part of our Childhood Collection
  • Height: 10.62 inches
  • Care: Surface wash
  • Material: Crafted from a blend of COTTON, LINEN, and RAMIE

Embrace the Maileg Chinos Green Basket and let it infuse your playroom with charm, order, and endless hours of imaginative delight.


* Other Maileg toys not included.

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