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2022 Maileg Baby Mouse Blue Cradle

2022 Maileg Baby Mouse Blue Cradle

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Introducing the 2022 Maileg Baby Mouse Blue Cradle, a charming addition to your Maileg collection. This beautifully designed cradle comes complete with a soft sleeping bag, offering your Maileg baby mice a cozy and stylish place to rest and dream.

Key Features:

Perfectly Sized for Baby Mice: This cradle is tailor-made to fit Maileg's baby mice, ensuring a snug and comfortable space for them to sleep. It's the ideal addition to your Maileg castle or dollhouse.

Rock Your Little Friends to Sleep: The cradle features rounded feet, allowing you to gently rock your small, soft friends to sleep. It adds a touch of realism and interactivity to your imaginative play.

Crafted with Quality Materials: Crafted from FSC-certified wood, this cradle is not only adorable but also made with care and durability in mind. The soft sleeping bag inside provides a comfortable and safe sleeping environment.

Product Details:

  • SKU: 11-2000-01
  • Size: Maileg Baby Mouse
  • Height: 2.36 inches
  • Width: 2.95 inches
  • Recommended Age: +3 Years
  • Wash: Surface wash
  • Material: FSC Wood / Cotton
  • Filling: Polyester

Elevate your Maileg world with the 2022 Maileg Baby Mouse Blue Cradle. Give your baby mice a dreamy place to rest and create wonderful stories and memories together. Order yours today and let the imaginative adventures begin!

* Maileg Mouse not included.


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