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Sky Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

Sky Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

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Sky Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge on Spool - 3/8" Wide, 10 Yards

Introducing Knot + Spool's Sky Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge – a celestial touch to your crafting and decorative array. This fine ribbon, with a slim 3/8" width, comes neatly presented on a spool, offering a generous length of 10 yards to bring your heavenly inspired visions to life.

Bathed in the soft, tranquil hues of a daylight sky, this velvet ribbon brings a breath of calm and serenity to your projects. The serene sky blue is complemented by a chic gold edge, providing a touch of refined elegance. This harmonious blend of color and shimmer is perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere with a sophisticated twist in any creation.

The spool ensures that your ribbon is always at the ready, making it a breeze to cut the perfect length without any tangling or wrinkling. It also serves as an excellent storage solution, keeping your ribbon in pristine condition between uses. And, as you reach the end of the ribbon, the spool itself can find new life in your craft room, serving as an organizer or decorative element.

Versatile and enchanting, this ribbon is the ideal addition for a wide range of uses: from enhancing festive decor and special occasion gift-wrapping to making a splash in floral arrangements or as an elegant accent in your interior design.

Product Features:

  • Color: Sky 
  • Width: 3/8 inch
  • Length: 10 yards
  • Finish: Plush velvet with a contrasting golden edge
  • Spool: Sturdy spool for easy dispensing and storage
  • Perfect for: Elevating home décor, special event accessories, or crafting unique, elegant gift presentations

With Knot + Spool's Sky Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge, your craft and decor work will reflect the serene beauty of a perfect day's sky. Order now to add a slice of the heavens to your creative endeavors.


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