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2022 Maileg Little Sister & Brother Royal Twin Mice in Box

2022 Maileg Little Sister & Brother Royal Twin Mice in Box

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Welcome to the majestic kingdom of Maileg, where imagination reigns supreme! Introducing the enchanting Maileg Royal Twins Mice, Little Sister & Brother in Box, a delightful duo that will bring a touch of royalty to your Maileg mouse collection. With their exquisite outfits and charming matchbox home, these twins are ready to make a grand entrance into your child's imaginative play.

Regal Twin Mice: Meet the adorable Royal Twins, Little Sister and Brother, who are always ready for royal adventures. These tiny mice stand approximately 3 inches tall and are perfectly sized for little hands to hold and play with.

Matching Outfits: The Royal Twins are dressed in complementing outfits, making them the perfect pair. Little Sister dazzles in a beautiful pedaled skirt, allowing her to twirl and dance with grace. Little Brother exudes regal charm with his plush dotted vest and a sky blue shirt beneath it.

Customized Matchbox Home: The Royal Twins come with a charming matchbox that serves as their cozy home. The top of the matchbox is adorned with their adorable portraits, adding an extra touch of elegance. This matchbox home is perfect for storing and displaying the Royal Twins when not in use.

Encourages Imaginative Play: Watch as your child's imagination unfolds while they embark on royal adventures with the Royal Twins. From hosting tea parties to exploring the castle, these little mice inspire creative storytelling and imaginative play.

High-Quality Craftsmanship: Maileg is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, and the Royal Twins are no exception. Made from the finest materials, these mice are designed to withstand years of play and cherished memories.

Promotes Social and Emotional Development: Through pretend play, the Royal Twins foster important social and emotional skills. Children can develop empathy, communication, and problem-solving abilities as they engage in imaginative play scenarios with these adorable characters.

Join the Royal Adventure:
Let your child's imagination take flight with the Maileg Royal Twins Mice, Little Sister & Brother in Box. From royal balls to grand banquets, these twins are always ready to embark on regal adventures that will captivate your child's heart and spark their creativity.

Note: The Maileg Royal Twins Mice, Little Sister & Brother in Box are suitable for children ages 3 and up. Adult supervision is recommended for children under 3 years old.

Create a world of royal enchantment and let the Royal Twins reign supreme in your child's playtime. Order now and let the majestic journey begin!

Item No.: 17-2103-01
Height: 3 in
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: 30‚àûC
Material: Cotton / Linen
Filling: Recycled polyester/Pe Pellets

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