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Midnight Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

Midnight Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

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Midnight Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge on Wooden Spool - 3/8" Wide, 10 Yards

Immerse yourself in the luxurious embrace of Knot + Spool's Midnight Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge, a sophisticated addition to any crafting connoisseur's collection. This premium-quality ribbon, with its slender 3/8" profile, is elegantly wrapped on an eco-conscious wooden spool, boasting an ample length of 10 yards to inspire and realize your creative ambitions.

Enveloped in a seductive midnight hue, this velvet ribbon whispers tales of elegance after dusk. Its depth of color is reminiscent of a clear night sky, making it an enchanting choice to enrich your projects with a touch of nocturnal magic. Each edge glimmers with an ornate gold trim, adding a refined metallic flourish that pairs exquisitely with the ribbon’s dark velvet sheen—perfect for crafting a luxurious ambiance in any setting.

The inclusion of a rustic wooden spool is both practical and picturesque, enhancing the ribbon's allure while ensuring seamless unwinding and protection from kinks and snarls. Once the ribbon has adorned your creations, the spool itself can be repurposed, lending a quaint, artisanal charm to your workspace or serving as a vintage holder for new ribbon twists and turns.

This ribbon is as versatile as it is beautiful, ideal for a multitude of endeavors: from adding a sophisticated touch to festive decorations, to bestowing a noble elegance upon your gift-wrapping, from creating striking accents in floral compositions, to bestowing a dignified finish to bridal favors and accessories.

Product Features:

  • Color:  Midnight
  • Width: 3/8 inch
  • Length: 10 yards
  • Edges: Impeccably stitched with a lustrous gold metallic trim
  • Ideal for: Creating an atmosphere of elegance in holiday decor, adding a luxurious edge to weddings, and enhancing upscale crafting projects

Allow Knot + Spool's Midnight Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge to transform your decorative work with its captivating charm and regal sophistication. Place your order now and discover the unparalleled beauty of crafting with a ribbon that truly stands out in the stroke of midnight.


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