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Maileg Large Wardrobe - Powder

Maileg Large Wardrobe - Powder

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Introducing the Maileg Large Wardrobe in a charming Powder color, a standout piece from the 2022 Collection. This delightful wardrobe is a must-have for Maileg enthusiasts, providing a stylish haven for your miniature friends to store their clothes and accessories. The interior showcases a beautiful Maileg fabric on the back wall, adding an extra layer of elegance. Three small hangers in various colors are included, ensuring your tiny companions have a versatile wardrobe to display their outfits.


  • SKU: 11-2002-02
  • Size: Large
  • Height: 12.99 in.
  • Width: 11.02 in.
  • Recommended Age: +3 Years
  • Wash: Surface Wash
  • Material: Wood / Cotton / Metal

This Maileg Large Wardrobe in Powder color is not just a storage solution; it's a stylish addition to your Maileg universe. The subtle and sophisticated Powder shade adds a touch of refinement to any miniature setting, enhancing the overall charm.

Keep in mind that this wardrobe does not fit inside the House of Miniature Dollhouse, allowing it to maintain its standalone allure as a statement piece in your Maileg world.

As with all Maileg toys, each wardrobe is hand-made or hand-finished, ensuring a level of uniqueness that sets it apart. This touch of individuality imparts character and charm, enriching your collection with a special allure that plastic toys made from molds simply cannot replicate.

Note that the extra clothing articles pictured are not included, providing you with the flexibility to customize your Maileg friends' wardrobe with your favorite miniature outfits.

Upgrade your Maileg world with the 2022 Large Wardrobe in Powder, a piece that combines functionality and style for an enchanting miniature experience. Order now to elevate your collection!

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