Maileg Mouse Tricycle Basket

Maileg Mouse Tricycle Basket

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Maileg Mouse Tricycle Basket is part of Maileg's Spring 2023 Collection. Maileg'smetal basket fits their newtricycles, Abri √ Tricycles. You are able to place it on the handlebar, and your Maileg mouse will always have storage space, on the go, for any belongings.

Each Maileg toy is hand-made or hand finished. Not every toy will be the same, giving theirtoys character and charm that plastic toys made out of a mold cannot match.

* Bike Not included. Sold Separately.

SKU: 11-3105-00
Height: 1.37 in.
Width: 1.18 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: Surface wash
Material: Metal